Makkelie puts linesman Diks out of the European Championship team after riot around Ronaldo

April 13, 2021
Ronaldo is furious!

Ronaldo is furious! 🤬

Drama in the absolute final phase of Serbia – Portugal, where Cristiano Ronaldo does not get a goal as there is no goal-line technology 😱

Ronaldo throws his captain’s armband on the ground and furiously dives into the catacomb 👀

Makkelie puts linesman Diks out of the European Championship team after riot around Ronaldo
Missing a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup qualifier between Serbia and Portugal (2-2) last month has cost linesman Mario Diks dearly. Referee Danny Makkelie has called the Leeuwarder on hold. Diks therefore misses the European Championship this summer.

Diks got the anger of Ronaldo on his neck in Belgrade when he did not see just before time that a bet by the Portuguese had passed the goal line.

Portugal lost two expensive points because of that mistake. And Diks his credit with Makkelie, who has replaced his permanent assistant by Jan de Vries.

The arbitrator has had his own team for many years, just like Bjorn Kuipers. Only those two arbitrators have that privilege. “I would rather say as little as possible about it,” Makkelie continues. “This is really a team affair. I have worked with Mario for years, so you will understand that this is a difficult choice. But we will do it like this. Also in the interest of the team, I and others in the team are not making any statements about the reason for this change. ”

It is a tough job for Diks. “This is a very, very big disappointment for me just before the European Championship”, says the linesman at Omrop Fryslân. “On Wednesday, March 31, I was told by Makkelie that he wants to continue with another assistant, because the confidence in our cooperation has gone.”

Diks was one of Makkelie’s permanent assistants for many years.

They were active in several international competitions, such as the Europa League final in 2020 and the semi-final of the World Cup for club teams at the beginning of this year. “I really hoped for more support, understanding and trust after the successful collaboration in recent years.”

The cause of the break can be seen as the drop that caused the bucket to overflow. Makkelie and his assistants left the field last month with shame on their jaws after the World Cup qualifying match between Serbia and Portugal. The television images were also deadly. And Cristiano Ronaldo was furious. Makkelie apologized to the Portuguese team and the enthusiastic national coach Fernando Santos. Nobody wants to confirm whether this was the reason for the removal of Diks from Makkelie’s team.

However, it now appears that during the winter break,

The hierarchy in the team of the top arbiter has been shaken up considerably. Mario Diks was moved from his long-standing position as first assistant to second assistant and Hessel Steegstra made the opposite step. With today’s science, this could be seen as a strong indication that there had been some dissatisfaction with Diks’s performance for some time.

UEFA will soon announce that Makkelie will again be one of the chosen arbitrators to take action at the European Championship. The name Diks will be missing from the assistants, Jan de Vries and Hessel Steegstra will be on the list.

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Makkelie, who whistled the final of the Europa League in 2020 and the semi-final of the World Cup for club teams in 2021, is known as a perfectionist. He does not want to say anything more about the decision. “I really want to leave it at this,” he says.

On Sunday at FC Utrecht against Feyenoord, Diks no longer flagged and De Vries was already his replacement. “We are so close to the European Championship, we can also qualify for the World Cup as arbitration. All the focus is now on that. And at the last games in Europe and the premier league, of course. “”
The European Championship starts on June 11.

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