Portland Police Charge at Protesters

April 13, 2021

hundreds of protesters went head-to-head with police in Portland on Monday night, as a riot was declared as violence erupted at a vigil in memory of a 20-year-old Black man who died after being shot by a police officer in Minnesota on Sunday.

Social media videos show police clashing with protesters, including one video where several officers charge at demonstrators. In the clip, an officer appears to push a man down and drag him on the ground before kicking a smoke canister at him.

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The event started at Laurelhurst Park in South East Portland, where a group of protesters met at a vigil for Daunte Wright.

At around 10.30 p.m. on Monday, a riot was declared by Portland Police at the Penumbra Kelly building in the East Burnside after protesters broke windows, threw rocks at police, and lit a dumpster on fire. The building houses the Multnomah County Sheriff and Portland Police.

Around 200 anti-racism protesters gathered outside the sheriff’s office on Monday night, calling for the abolishment of police, according to the New York Times.

When protesters arrived outside, one of the paper’s journalists said on Twitter. Protesters, who ignited a dumpster outside the building, were chanting “Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground,” he added.

In a statement, Portland Police said: “A crowd of about 200 have gathered near the Kelly Penumbra building.and large fireworks have been thrown at police. Windows

“Multiple warnings have been provided to the crowd regarding force or munitions being used if the criminal behavior does not cease. Fires have been lit. Traffic is impacted in both directions on East Burnside Street near 47 Ave.”

Newsweek has contacted Portland Police for further comment.

The violence erupted at a vigil organized for Wright, who was shot by police in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, on Sunday afternoon at around 1:51 p.m. after being pulled over for a traffic stop. He then re-entered his car and drove a short distance before crashing the vehicle several blocks away.

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